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21 Grams, a single by Musician and Producer Milan Reid

Milan Reid's debut album ‘Closeness Over Time’, described to be “full of melancholy acoustic based tracks”, "21 Grams", the first single from his upcoming LP, uses acoustic foundations whilst adding electronic layers, textures and tones. The soundscape of this track creates a laid-back Sunday morning feel, whilst portraying a bittersweet storyline of a breakup. The elemental marriage of this track echoes the likes of the alternative music group, Easy Life, whilst projecting a narrative in a conceptually cryptic fashion. The vocal performance is dejected which appears to intentionally enhance the performance’s thematic thread. The accompanying video depicts a room through a sheer veil, creating an artsy frosted glass affect, adding to the laid-back storytelling of the song. The frames overlap and fragment, to reflect and complement the ethereal soundscape. "21 Grams" marries dreamy aesthetics to acoustic pop. After already releasing an album in 2020, I am certain Milan Reid has even more to give.

You can find Milan Reid’s single and music video for “21 Grams” HERE

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