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Billy a single by singer songwriter Riley Whitaker

Nashville based singer song writer Riley Whitaker, only 16 years old has released a single titled “Billy”. Discovered through her performances on Instagram, Riley has a delicate and emotive voice, showing a level of strength and maturity, her sound is well developed. Her lyricism is a form of story telling, in “Billy” she writes “on the right side of the track but the track came undone, you have mysterious eyes, a void that’s lost behind them but you act so defined”. A meeting between pop music and acoustic song writing, if you are a fan of Olivia Rodrigo, Tiffany Johnson or Sean Mendez, you will likely be a fan of Riley Whitaker. Her work seamlessly fits in the evolving genre these artists are creating. Stand out lyrics are “we used to talk on your roof, the future surrounds it but we had no clue”, Whitaker has tapped into the catchy emotivity that acoustic pop often brings. I am excited to see what future experimentally will bring to Whitaker’s work, pop is a balance between familiarity and newness, as an artist who exudes such confidence in the recording and writing space, I am sure her exploration of new rhythms, lyrics and melodies will only grow.

You can find Riley Whitaker’s single “Billy” HERE.

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