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Dreaming an album by Jackie Therrien

17 year old Jackie Therrien, has released a self-produced album titled “Dreaming”. Filled with emotive liveliness, the vulnerability the stories of this album exude is one to admire. A product of quarantine “Dreaming” uses harmonies, acoustic guitar, piano and is a singer/song writer’s heaven, Jackie tells us “all of my songs are based on my own life and personal experiences, yet I always try to make it relatable for other people”. The impressive length of this album shows Therrien’s love for creating and producing music. In my opinion, the stand out tracks are “Stay”, “Running Back To” and “Want You to Want Me Back”. There is something wonderfully hopeful about this album, the narrative voice is honest about the contradictory emotions that are at play when falling in love. The Record Press gets approached by a lot of young musicians, and I always find myself saying that I am excited to see where their music careers take them, this is particularly true for Jackie Therrien. Tapping into my own unapologetic love for indie lyricism, I am certain the more Therrien writes and sings, the stronger she will get. Fans of Aerial East, Birdy, and The Staves will find similar emotional solace that can be found in this kind of acoustic emotivity. A strong nod to folk music, a lot of “Dreaming” is sung in higher registers, I would love for Therrien to bring more vocal variety in future releases, having explored her Instagram performances, both her high and low registers are beautiful. Her cover of Island Lights by Birdy is particularly outstanding. “Dreaming” is a exploration of love, all it’s draining and hopeful frustrations, a wonderful second album for Jackie Therrien.

You can find Jackie Therrien’s album “Dreaming” HERE.

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