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'Eli' a new single by The Trusted

Southend-On-Sea based Indie band, The Trusted, released their latest single ‘Eli’ on February 4th following their hit single ‘Vellichor’ which has already racked up over 13,300 (well deserving) streams on Spotify. ‘Eli’ opens with a beautiful, mellow piano sequence before diving straight into a punchy drum and guitar riff. Packed with poetic lyrics containing hidden depths and meaning, ‘Eli’ is a song we should all be adding to our playlists.

I spoke to The Trusted guitarist, Dale Holt, to find out more about the inspiration and story behind their new single.

The song, which has a run time of just under three minutes, delves into themes surrounding the succumbing of your mind to its own temptations, desires and obsessions. ‘The protagonist [is] being driven to the brink of madness and hoping that someone or something will come and give them salvation’, Dale tells me. As the song progresses and we reach the chorus, we can hear Tom, The Trusted’s front man, almost calling out for Eli. But who is this mysterious Eli that the song is centered around? Dale explains to me that ‘Eli is seen by our protagonist as this biblical figure who could be the one to save them from the world they are trapped in’. The mixture of sad, moody guitar melodies and prominently heartfelt lyrics such as ‘I was destroyed by my guilty reflections’ and ‘I was deceived by my bad vibrations’, makes this song a statement piece for any ‘feels’ playlist.

After nine months to a year's worth of work going into ‘Eli', it is no wonder the song has such an air of quality and completeness around it, ‘A lot of our releases tend to take a fair few months from being written, to being recorded and then being released. But it’s worth it in the end’, said the band’s guitarist. And ‘Eli’ was most certainly worth it.

With the overarching theme of the latest single being personal strength and growth of the mind, and only being able to save yourself from self-destruction; the song is not only audibly appealing, but also delivers an inspiring message to all of The Trusted’s devoted fans. As Tom calls out to Eli during the strong, energetic chorus, ‘Eli, I know you want to save me but gravity always wins’, the protagonist realises that Eli can’t save him, no matter how much Eli or the protagonist wants to. The weight that these lyrics carry stick with any listener, giving them something critical to ponder over long after the song comes to its fade-out end.

‘In other words, no matter how desolate things are at times, the only person who can help you is yourself.’ ‘Eli' can only do so much.

Written by Taryn Kaur

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