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Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo

Updated: May 12

This review includes spoilers.

This novel does a wonderful job of dismantling the BAME British female stereotype that is regurgitated in popular film, TV, and media. As well as illuminating Black Britain from all levels of class in both the North and South. I couldn't fault the writing. Evaristo used form to create tone of voice and her descriptions were clear and very purposeful when meeting each new character.

This book however was an exploration with a narrative squeezed in. Every chapter, until the very end, introduced a new character in focus. Therefore, the novel felt aimless. So whilst the structure aided the holistic social observations, it lacked any sense of narrative. Perhaps in another circumstance this would have been better as a collection of short stories, as the link between the characters felt crow bard in. However, short story collections don't have a high readership in the book buying public, and this is an important text I would not want to go a miss due to the lack of genre demand.

If you are after a book that tackles the reality of BAME women in Britain, this is the book to read. Read this book if you like Candice Williams, Rene Edo Lodge, or Chimamanda Ngozi Addiche.

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