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Golden Hour, Endless E.P. by Brunch Box

“Golden Hour, Endless”, a new E.P. by the Sheffield trio, Brunch Box. An E.P. after my own heart, with tracks that bleed into one another, it begins with “Day”, an artsy rock intro featuring distorted spoken word from the vocalist Andrew Thomas. Leading into the track “Dreaming” (see our Loud Art Live article to read more), this E.P gives us summer Indie throwbacks to bands such as Cassia and Circa Waves, the stories are surrounded with images of the outdoors, love and youth, and I am completely in love with it. Stand out lyrics from the following track “Skyline” includes, “your silhouette dances round the skyline”, contributing to the E.P.'s depictions of the sky. “Golden Hour, Endless” embodies the trepidation of wanting youth to last and worry of the future, “no I don’t see where we fit in”. Using guitar riffs and strong drum sequences, this E.P. is one for the summer. “Sun/Burbank” the fourth track gives us an electronic break down that repeats the line “somethings aren’t up to us”, an emotive nod to the unknown future, it is one of my favourite parts of the E.P. The following final tracks “Ocean”, “Flyover” and “Palace” are enveloped by “Skyline (Reprise)”, “The Pittsburgh Interlude” and “Outroduction”, for me these final tracks are the success of the E.P. Treating the musical collective not just as a list of songs, but songs that intertwine to make a larger musical context. These final elusive tracks echo and breakdown the soundscapes of previous songs to conclude the explored themes. The conceptual narratology such as this is what make an E.P. almost feel like an album. The E.P.’s finale, “Outroduction” is as it’s title suggest, a beginning of an end, the surprising shouting you can hear in the musical far-ground is surprising and perhaps out of place, but actually gets me excited about the evolution of Brunch Box, the distorted rock breakdown flips any cliche that the listener might be creating of the group - "indie fun" or "summer tunes" - it nods to an alternative future for the trio. I am trying to keep my objective critical hat on, but when listening to these tracks I just want to rip it off and tear it apart, take a moment and listen to this outstanding E.P.

You can find Brunch Box’s E.P. “Golden Hour, Endless” HERE.

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