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“I’m just patiently waiting for it to be my turn”: an Interview with Kameron Johnson

Kameron Johnson from Gary Indiana tells us how he uses music to support his family, and wishes to utilise his musical talent for this purpose before anything els. Johnson’s motivations behind his music are heartwarming and humbling, and I admire his determination and wish him every success. His new track “Deja Vu” is coming out spring 2021.

Can you give me a little introduction to who you are and why you started making music?

I’m 21 from Gary Indiana, growing up I was very active and wanted to do everything, especially music. I started taking music seriously when I was a sophomore in college. I used it as a way to pass the time and help out my family. I just want to change my family’s financial situation and I know I can do that with music.

What are you currently working on? Any projects in the pipeline?

As of right now I’m working on putting together this project called “Deja Vu” with hopefully a release date of late April early May. I can honestly say, I am only going up from here, I’m getting better day by day. I’m just patiently waiting for it to be my turn.

Why is music important to you?

Music has always be around me, it’s just with certain situations made me want to pursue it now more than ever before. Music is important to me because it can change lives, it can help you out in many ways, emotionally, physically, mentally, etc. For me I know it can change my family financial situation.

What’s your favourite track that you’ve released? and do you ever collaborate with other artists?

My favourite track I’ve released so far is “Opera”. I feel like out of all the songs I have out it’s the most complete and shows what I can do as an artist. I have a few collaborations out right now and a few more coming soon.

What is your aim as an artist? and do you have any future plans regarding your music?

My aim is to be one of the best, to put my city on the map and make sure my family is straight forever. As for my future, I just plan on working, that’s what I do best. Keep writing, recording, start performances and videos. Just keep going until I reach my potential because I’m not too far from it.

You can find Kameron Johnson’s track “Opera” HERE.

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