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I Took A Walk a debut single by Daniel Greaves

I Took A Walk a new single by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and videographer Daniel Greaves, he sings the lyrics “all the places we would go, have long since been boarded up and closed”, feeling like a reference to the past year's events; walking familiar places that have been shut for the foreseeable future. Even though I’m not one for encouraging art about the pandemic, Greaves does this with subtlety and nuance. An electric guitar and synth enthused artist, I believe the triumph of this track is its video pairing. The video has a scrapbook homemade feel to it, contributing to the indie aesthetic Greaves has already created. The depictions of what looks like a home town projected on a white wall, adds to the image in the lyric, “people in glass houses should really close the curtains” and “I took a walk down memory, I was surprised that it still looked the same”. Greaves’s vocals are honest and raw, my favourite part being that you can hear his West Yorkshire accent. Often accents in singing are encouraged to be “neutral” which is another word for R.P. English or generalised American, personally I find there is a wonderful rawness hearing someone’s accent in their singing, it adds character, honesty and place to the artist. Artists such as Zuzu, Scouting for Girls, and of course, Arctic Monkeys are great examples of this. In Greaves’s bio his “energetic live performances” are mentioned, I would love to hear more of this energy in his recordings, as the guitar has so much strength in I Took A Walk, more vigour in the vocals and volume in the music would elevate this already good track, in light of this I would love to hear this played live, as his bio also puts it, his music is there to “drown out the noise of a world going mad”. A wonderful phrase that contributes to the heartfelt storyline his track inspires. If this is the beginning for Daniel Greaves I believe it is a very confident start, with emotive and clever lyrics and likeable melodies, an extra dose of self-belief would propel Greaves’s career even further. As I mentioned, the pairing of his music and videoing ability is a valuable combination, and I encourage him to hone in on the relationship between music and image.

You can watch the music video to Daniel Greaves’s I Took A Walk HERE.

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