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Interview with Songwriter Noah Bishop

Noah Bishop, is a 26 year-old lyricist/songwriter from Connecticut. Noah’s favorite

genres to write are Pop and Indie Pop. However, he has also written for other genres

such as R&B, Rap, EDM and Country. Noah has loved music all his life and found that it brings him comfort and helps lessen anxiety when stressed. The words, the lyrics and the messages are what have drawn Noah to his favorite songs. “As a kid I thought the only way to be around music was either playing an instrument, or being a singer, neither of which I could do well. But that didn’t stop me from singing out loud while driving to work. It wasn’t until 2019 that I actually found out about lyricists and songwriters. It was when I saw an interview about Sara Arrons, the songwriter for “The Middle” by Zedd, that I felt the spark".

Since then Noah has discovered many other songwriters such as Julia Michaels, Amy Allen, Shy Martin, to name a few: "This was when music for me became possible!” There are many artists and songwriters that Noah looks up to and who inspire him. Shy Martin is one of his favourite artists and songwriters: “Her lyrics, her voice and the way she can use just a few words and still tell a whole story amazes me. The way she vocalizes her lyrics to match and connect with a moment in time is all part of how captivating her songs and talent are. She is someone I definitely pull inspiration from. Another artist that inspires me is Frawley. She's super real with her lyrics, and you can tell she puts her heart and soul in her songs. She vocalizes with such feeling and emotion that you don’t want the song to end. These two artists and songwriters bring me musical inspiration.”

While the music industry has been on hold Noah has been writing and staying creative. “I have done some zoom co-writes and connected with a lot of great writers and singers. Collaborating with other creators has allowed me to gain more knowledge when it comes to writing and also has allowed me to create strong and powerful songs.” Noah finds his writing style as an immersive release, he tells us: “I tend to let myself just fall into an idea and run with it. I have found that if I let myself just be in the moment and write, either that idea becomes a nice practice song and I leave it as a file, or it becomes an idea to I go all the way to the finish line with. A lot of song ideas I fall in love with are ones that just happen naturally; I tend to not push myself when it comes to being creative. I am just beginning my journey as a songwriter. I am always playing with words, whether that is independently or co-writing with others. I would love to someday have this become my career. I am excited to write, create and am open to any opportunities that come my way as a writer. Ok, I can’t lie, it would be pretty amazing to watch an artist sing something I worked on live -, that would most definitely go in the books.”

Noah Bishop has written “Countdown” by Electric Tuxedo, “Clock Tower '' and “Fall Back Into Us' and under his own artist name ‘No4h B’ on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube music. Check out his work now!

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