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"Music is the ratio of imagination and reality": an Interview with Nocturnal Coast

The lead singer, Luke Saleh Saunders, from the Liverpudlian four piece group Nocturnal Coast, tells us about the band’s most recent released single ‘Dance’ which has launched a new sound for the indie-rock band. ‘Dance’ gravitated its inspiration from a synth melody, the track explores a love story, one that is inspired by filmography, specifically the film writer Stanley Kubrick. This interdisciplinary approach to music is one we prize at The Record Press, pushing the boundaries between music and cinema. Our editor got to speak to Luke a bit more about the band’s musical journey.

You’ve been described as “a tight unit that mix rock n roll with some Scouse humour”. Do you hear elements of Liverpool and humour in your music?

Yeah definitely, we all grew up listening to the Beatles of course, which must have affected our sound individually. I’ve also recently been conscious of being sarcastic in my songwriting. Only subtly, but still, I like to try and fuel some sort of humour. I think it’s because I used to be very serious with my writing, but now there’s no need to be, the songs kind of write themselves, seen as most of the songs I write are observational, and about everyday life, (even in our most recent single, ‘Dance’ which is a love song).

What would you like to tell us about your new released single “Dance”? Where did the inspiration for it? How did you go about writing it?

It was June 2019, and I had just returned from the Lake District after a gorgeous few days there with my girlfriend. I enjoyed the trip that much that I wrote a poem about it (which later became the lyrics for ‘Dance’). Upon writing the poem, I realised there were 3 reasons why I enjoyed the lakes so much. 1) Being in the quietly beautiful countryside, 2) Spending the time with my girlfriend, and 3) The fact that I spent little to no time on my mobile phone. So in conclusion, the lyrics represent the most important aspects in my life.

Your Instagram gives a strong nod to retro vintage aesthetics, especially your artwork for ‘Dance’, do eras or aesthetics inspire you?

Seen as I’ve grown into this sarcastic/humorous approach to songwriting, I can only give credit to the 90s, as a lot of music then gave the nod to sarcasm. Maybe the way our Instagram looks is due to this, but in honesty, I don’t really pay attention to all of that. Maybe it’s a fluke.

How did music for you come to be? and What inspired you to start making music?

We all went to the same secondary school, but it was only after we all left that we got playing music together. We all have similar tastes in music, but it’s differences that help the most. Every time I bring a song to the table, they all know exactly what to add, to make the song original to ‘Nocturnal Coast’.

Have you studied music at all or is music something you’ve pursued on your own accord?

I started writing songs from a young age, when learning chords on the guitar, I would add my poetry to the chords and realise I was writing a song, albeit a bad song, but still a song. After studying a music a-level, all it taught me was that you’re allowed to break rules, once you know them.

Why is music important to you?

Music is the ratio of imagination and reality, and once you grab hold of that, you cannot explain how important it is, you can only live it.

What sort of music do you predominantly focus? What is your favourite track that you’ve released?

Now that I’m writing songs differently, it’s a tough one. We never really focus on one type of sound or music, but lately you could say we’ve found our formula. That’s probably why ‘Dance’ is my favourite we’ve released yet- it is the blueprint for our developed sound.

Why should people listen to your music? What does it offer/explore? What artists are your main musical inspiration?

I'm inspired by Damon Albarn, Sampha, Jim Morrison, Justin Young, Julian Casablancas, and Lian Ray. I think people should listen to whoever they like, and if our music is apart of that, then great. If not, then no sweat. They’re only missing out on some of the greatest music ever.

What’s your aim as an artist?

To be able to it seriously for the rest of my life.

What are your future plans? Have you got anything exciting in the pipeline?

Yeah all to be announced soon, maybe a summer single? A headline show? Let’s wait and see.

Do you ever collaborate with other artists?

I find it difficult to collaborate with anybody. I’m lucky the band know exactly what my songs need when adding their parts.

What’s your writing process? What inspires you to write?

I don’t really have a process. Sometimes I’ll just be on the guitar or piano. Other times I’ll just be writing lyrics. Usually lyrics first. I write because I think an awful lot without physically expressing myself.

We loved talking to Luke and wish Nocturnal Coast's musical career the very best. You can find Nocturnal Coast single “Dance” HERE.

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