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Pixelated Soundwaves a single by Lailana

An artist with a vision, Lailana gives us an exploration into drug addiction whilst exploring her own artistic videography and style. Innovation and imagination is at the forefront of what Lailana achieves, “Pixelated Soundwaves” is a dreamy track, using vocals and spoken word, Lailana’s vocals echoes the likes of Dua Lipa, whilst bringing her own alternative twist to pop and dance music. The music video will be released on the 9th April, Lailana gave us an exclusive look of what’s to come, I shan’t say too much but be prepared for colour, drama and theatre, the video explores physicality and lighting showing Lailana to be an artist with a vision. She tells us, “I wanted to draw a picture of the distorted and muddled mind. I wanted to compare that to what the song actually is…Pixelated Soundwaves”. When getting in contact with us she showed such a clear perspective of what the song achieves, the confidence behind her own artistic perception is very admirable. She continues to tell us how the track explores the vicious cycle of drug abuse and the surreal perceptions that drugs create; “If you take the song and pan it out on a piece of paper, with the way the melodies are written, you will find that it kind of looks like a graph that is on a constant incline to decline- based on the tempo of the song and the instrumental which switches from a full synth-lead melody to a stripped back guitar verse”. From her Instagram content to her videography, Lailana is committed to music’s artistic potential, how music promotes and prompts imagination, colour and narrative. An interdisciplinary approach that we prize at The Record Press. The narrative of Pixelated Soundwaves plays with ideas of mental distortion with playful lyrics such as, “Now it’s your choice if you want a win or loss, but if you love me, then you love an albatross”. Despite the deep concepts the track dives into, in first listening it is a dreamy dance track, it’s narrative content does not hold it back to sunken minor keys, a juxtaposition I always enjoy. Lailana’s interdisciplinary vision as an artist is one I truly admire, and I encourage her to keep going!

You can listen to Lailana’s Pixelated Soundwaves HERE.

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