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A series of playlists curated by The Record Press. Each centred around a concept and title, find a short description for each playlist below so you can find out what's to come. All our playlists can be found on Spotify and each title is a link to the playlist. Happy listening!

The Record List

Here at The Record Press we want to create a community of musicians that build each other up. Artist promotion is at the forefront of what we do, so we’ve created a playlist of all the small scale artists we’ve interviewed or reviewed. After every article is posted we add the artist's work to this playlist to curate The Record List, a hub for the upcoming artists we’ve had the joy of speaking to. This gives you a variety of genres from pop, R&B and indie-rock.

Head on Down to Motown

A classic lineup of all things Motown! From The Supremes, The Temptations and Marvin Gaye, this smooth and funky playlist pays homage to the iconic record company Motown Records. Originally founded by Berry Gordy Jr 1959, Motown Records played a key role in the racial integration of popular music. "Head on Down to Motown" advocates the successful proponents of the Motown sound and style, exploring the record label's historic step for showcasing African-American talent.

International Women’s Day

A celebration of female musicians. The music industry for women is still a place riddled with sexism and inequality. International Women’s Day aims to celebrate, every year on the 8th March, the social, economic and political achievements of women despite the societal forces that work against them. We have curated this playlist to honour International Women's Day and female achievement in music culture, predominantly an indie and rock playlist, we hope to shed some light on a genre that some times under-represents women.


A collection of music from the world around us. Curated by the mobile application Shazam, this playlist honours the music from the world around us. The songs have been collected from film soundtracks, cafe or restaurant backing music, party playlists and much more! The Shazam playlist captures that moment where you’re out and you hear a song for the first time, instantly wanting it saved on your phone so you can listen to it again and again. Conclusively, this playlist becomes a puzzle of timely moments where all the tracks were found.

Swish Swish Bish

Sass, soul and absolute “bops”. This playlist is perfect for getting ready to go out, gym warm ups or just having a shameless dance round your kitchen. Featuring artists such as Nao, Mac Miller and Doja Cat, this playlist is a fun upbeat collection for those days where you just feel like dancing. If you’re a lover of pop and old school R&B this is the playlist for you.

Wow you’re so Indie

The unapologetic indie playlist. Looking for a place to fulfil your early 2000s teenage self's dream? Well you have found it, every cliche summer, high pitched guitar riff, indie track is here. From Vistas to The Vaccines, this playlist has your heart wearing a pair a vans, riding a skateboard and taking pictures on a polaroid camera. Be your shamelessly indie self on a summer day listening to this playlist.

Sunday Morning Coffee

The classic combination of jazz and coffee. Featuring artists such as Etta James, Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone, this playlist is for your perfect Sunday morning when life is going just a little bit slower. Imagine streaming sunlight through your kitchen window, the coffee is brewing and you turn on this playlist to accompany your slow start to the day.

Oldies but Goldies

Louis Armstrong, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, welcome to the playlist that celebrates all things swing and big band. Put on your glad rags and your tap dancing shoes, this playlist takes us back to an era where big band was the forefront of mainstream music. If you are a fan of brass and old Hollywood movies, this is the playlist for you.

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