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Poison a single by Rafaricho

Rafael Richardson, formally carrying the artist name Rafaricho, is an indie alternative pop artist from Doncaster, United Kingdom. A pianist, singer, songwriter and guitarist, he has released the stripped back moody track titled “Poison”. In Rafaricho’s artist bio it states he is largely inspired by The Last Shadow Puppets and The Libertines, a good foundation for his alternatively inspired music. “Poison” is a laid back single with dejected vocals and lyrics, visioning a despondent story of “poison hidden beneath the eyes”. Whilst the music remains quite constant without much change throughout the song, the lyrics set the tone by sullenly describing the poison the narrator sees in another person. Rafaricho’s vocals show interesting tone and qualities, particularly in his use of layered harmonies and higher registers. The doleful single is accompanied by an official lyric video, presenting a dark hallway using a distorted flickering camera image, creating an almost dystopian piece of footage. The lyrics are presented in a degraded computer format, adding to the almost paranormal inspired video. In light of the sound, story and video created by the artist, he clearly has a vision for what he wants his music to look and sound like. This single is perhaps only a snippet into Rafaricho's journey into music, I hope he continues to explore this darkening aesthetic that moulds seamlessly with his alternative endeavours. “Poison” is the second track Rafaricho has released this year; an insight into his musical ability and artistic character.

You can watch to Rafaricho's official lyric video for "Poison" HERE

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