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Ruined Nights E.P. by Joseph McCallum

Spoken word, distortion and vivid production. Joseph McCallum gives us an E.P. that adheres more to sound art than electro music. Consisting of four tracks, McCallum’s E.P. is a collaborative work featuring Kelsey Batty on vocals and Rebecca Sheard Photography for the accompanying photographic series. The darkening streets in the is echoed in the opening words of the first track titled “Ruined Nights”: “dear self, you will not inherit the knowledge of the entire world, this will never be your burden to carry, there are strange things out there beyond anyone’s understanding, but truth to be told, that’s the best part”. The northern accent heard in the voice speaks to McCallum and Rebecca’s northern heritage. The conceptual theme of landscape is carried throughout this E.P; the echoing nature of the track, darkness of the photographed streets and the repeated reflection of the world in the spoken poetry. It is lovely to see McCallum’s ambition. It seems that he doesn’t just want to create a musical track but draw upon various disciplines to curate something more perhaps associated with sound art. McCallum’s aspiration to push the boundaries between art forms is certainly encouraged. The only note to recognise, is that some time less is more. For a first release McCallum has adventured head on, and we hope he continues to do so but perhaps with the confidence to also to hold back.

You can find Joseph McCallum’s E.P. “Ruined Nights” HERE and Rebecca Sheard's Photography HERE

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