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Sade meets the Funk Genre: International Singer and Songwriter Hilla Peer

Hilla Peer, a singer songwriter from Israel, amazingly working from her home studio whilst being a mother of two, collaborating with producers from all over Europe including Italy and England, Peer is a beautiful singer. Only having released music since 2019, she is exploring various genres such as pop, funk and soul. Favourite and stand out tracks of mine are “No One” and “Night Dance”, Peer’s voice echos the likes of Sade with it’s soulful resonance and deep tone. Her track “No One” utilises jazz and funk rhythms creating a delightfully smooth and sensual track. In the second half the tempo speeds up and the layers thicken, seamlessly unfolding into an upbeat funk track. “No One” is a soulful piece of music, if you are a lover of rhythm and blues, you will certainly enjoy this track. I hugely admire the work Peer is doing whilst being a mother, her ambition speaks in her music, and she proves that creativity never stops despite the responsibility of motherhood. I congratulate Peer for her success so far and empower her to keep developing her soulful vintage sound.

You can find Hilla Peer’s single “No One” HERE.

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