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Taylor Swift meets The Aces: In Conversation with Tiffany Johnson

Where did your journey as an artist start?

I have always loved music and singing but my journey really started when I began to write songs at the age 8. That’s when I started performing, playing guitar and writing my own songs.

Who are your predominant musical inspirations? You have a very Taylor Swift meets The Aces vibe, which is a wonderful blend, would you say you’re a meeting in the middle between Pop and Indie?

Thank you so much! My favourite artist includes Taylor Swift, Maggie Rogers, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lennon Stella. I love all genres of music, but I really look up to female songwriters. I would say my music is a blend of pop and indie with hints of country as well.

Throughout your Instagram you really commit and own pastel colours and soft

textures, was this a deliberate choice or something that came naturally? Often women are surrounded by masculine aesthetics in the music industry and therefore shy away from femininity, what’s your opinion on that?

To me, aesthetics is like an extension of the artist. It’s a way of physically showing your personality. I would say aesthetics have a lot more to do with the artist’s preference and artist expression than with pressure from people in the industry.

I really love to play with colours and textures and try to make the song come to life. I base my art off of the music most of the time.

Have you got any projects coming up or about to be announced you’d like to mention?

I am really excited about “Mean It” being released. It came out on March 5th and I have more music on the way soon.

What inspires you to write? Do you only write as a soloist or do you also like to collaborate with other musically minded people?

I get inspired to write from a lot of things including, my own life, movie plots, characters in tv shows or books, or even stories I have made up in my head. I write solo a lot of the time, but I also enjoy collaborating and co-writing.

The Record Press is an U.K. based magazine, so I think our readers would love to know a bit more about South Dakota and Nashville. Do your surroundings inspire your sound?

South Dakota is home to the Black Hills, and I was able to grow up surround by beautiful scenery. Getting outside and refreshing has always been a part of Ku creative process. I also really appreciate the local music scenes both in South Dakota and Nashville, which has given me tonnes of music opportunities.

I know all artists have been really hit hard by COVID-19, how have you found it?

During COVID I really took the time to get to know myself both as an artist and as a person. I was able to make music that really felt like me and try out new things creatively. Since I couldn’t do a lot of performing, I had time to write, record and grow my fan base virtually!

Your music has received a lot of traction which is wonderful to see, did you ever think it would get this must attraction when you first started? Do you have any advice for fellow artists who are just starting up?

Yeah, it’s been really cool to see my music doing well. It’s awesome to see it even getting played in other countries. My advice is to just be persistent and to keep showing up!

Tiffany Johnson’s music gives her listeners a dose of indie pop combined with her country roots, for such a young artist she has made significant strides in her music career. We wish her the very best and thank her for chatting with us.

You can find Tiffany’s most recent single “Mean It” HERE.

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