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This Won't Last Forever, a New Single by Serotones

After a self titled EP, a slew of singles and a sell out show at the late Fibbers, 'Serotones' return with a new single: 'This Won't Last Forever', and it's the same torrent of indie alternative sound that's beginning to define the band.

Compared to previous outings from the five-piece York based indie band, 'TWLF', is a bit of a genre mish-mash. The track opens up like a 90s surfer anthem with infectious guitar strums, clean percussive mixing and a whiney hook that immediately grabs your attention, but over the duration, the track morphs into darker, more alternative territory, with crunchier strums, more strained melodies and punchier, energised percussion.

Lyrically the song is a bit flat. The chorus line 'so for reasons I can't explain / you can't have my second name.' coming across as a bit cringey and forced. Rather than waiting for the chorus to hit, so I could get into its hook, and sing along, I found myself waiting in morbid anticipation for lines which sound like they were made for a cheesy sitcom song. I found myself enjoying the instrumentation far more than the lyrical aspects, following the rhythm crafted by Tom Elliott on drums, and the lead guitar that mutates throughout the track. My preference for the instrumentals, however, is nothing to do with the lead vocalist...

Duke Witter's vocals are a hugely redeeming factor, coming through with beautiful power, as the track transforms from surfer rock, to pure indie rock, into more grungy alternative territory, Witter's singing doesn't only hold up, it compliments the instrumentation and shows his extreme versatility.

My favourite part of the track is the bridge and instrumental part in the last third, here we see the entire band come into their own, not only taking inspiration from their previous tracks such as 'Are You Listening?', but also growing and progressing. The sound is more competent and complex than their previous outings. It's an assured sign that though 'Serotones' are in their infancy, there is definitely growth. There are heavy influences of 'The Killers', 'Arctic Monkeys' and brit pop at large within this tune alone, as well as hints of 'The Eagles', 'The Kooks' and bizarrely what I can only identify as subtle undulations that remind me of reggae and force your head to bop, your feet to tap and your hips to wiggle. Think thick sexy bass licks, bubbling beneath the track, a bit like 'The Police.'

I love this ideology of borrowing from multiple disciplines and thus far it seems to be working, however I feel like 'Serotones' are currently lacking their own signature style. They need something that stops them from becoming 'just another indie band' lost in the sonic dust of an oversaturated market. Well let me tell you; they certainly have the talent.

'Serotones' are a band in the dawn of their life and with a little more experience, a few more singles, maybe another EP under their belt, I truly believe they can find their sound. With a bit of work on the lyrics and a continuation of the progress they are making as a unit, it won't be long before 'Serotones' become a staple name in the British indie scene, if not further afield. Enjoy 'This Won't Last Forever', enjoy the groovy, funky bassline, the almost aggressive instrumental outro, and the Alex Turner-esque vocals. But treat it as a gateway to bigger things. This is one step on the band's ladder of progression. Remember the name 'Serotones', because a big breakthrough is on the horizon.


Written by James 'Biblio.Obscura' Jackson. All relevant links for The Serotones can be found HERE

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