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Travel Photography by James Hayward

James Hayward’s photography gives us sharp and striking photos that depict moments from across the globe. His use of light and colour, creates a great breadth of dynamic and contrast. Photography’s ability to zoom in to a moment or heighten a zoomed out landscape are visual truths that Hayward aims to explore. Depicting moments from places such as Beirut, Lebanon, the New York City, U.S.A and the Lake District, United Kingdom, he beautifully captures the smaller and larger moments of his travels. We spoke to photographer and painter Kenneth Roberts to gain an expert opinion on Hayward’s work, he commented saying Hayward has “interesting composition, and good candid shots”. Roberts notifies that photography is about representation of reality, he states that “photographs need punch”, images that don’t command the viewer’s attention is not one Roberts is interested in. He suggests that upcoming young photographers should focus on “tighter frames to enhance the image” and use “enhanced contrast when needed”. In our discussion he highlights how each divided section of the frame should contribute to the overall affect of the image, and that photographers need to keep this in mind. Hayward’s work provides a variety of landscapes, from urban cities to the rural countryside, I admire the variety in his angles and imagery. The emotion in his work ranges from the playful, a small kitten peering under a doorway, to the dramatically iconic, the lights of Luna Park. Proving he is no one trick pony, if you are a fan of photographs with depth and colour, I suggest you check out Hayward’s work either on his website or on our Featured Artists page.

You can view and purchase James Hayward’s photography, HERE.

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