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Women Don't Owe you Pretty by Florence Given

Updated: May 11

Women Don't Owe you Pretty; under researched, inconsistent in writing style, structure and does not even get an inch below the surface of the feminist issues Florence Given is trying to tackle.

Given hammers through topics making claims without much point of reference. She sporadically references throughout, demonstrating a lack of cohesion and research. The writing consistently jumps from a formal to informal tone that uses direct address and colloquial "chatty" language.

Nonetheless, it was a very uplifting read and created a space for personal reflection. Especially when Given discussed the relationship women have with beauty ideals and consumerism. So, the take away is, if you're looking for feminist theory and analysis, this isn't it. However, the value in the easily digestible content and eye catching illustration and typography, is that it is very appropriate for a younger demographic, and I wish there was a book like this when I was in my teens; introducing me to the hypocrisy of gender inequality.

Looking for the next Gloria Steinem? This isn't the book. Looking for a book recommendation for your angsty teenage sister? This is it.

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