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You Changed Me, a single by Richboy James

Richboy James from Tampa Florida, a musical artist who specialises in mixing Hip-Hop with Pop and R&B. Richboy James tells us, “My music is me really writing out my thoughts/point of view on past experiences and future desires. It’s not really lyrical or on the story telling side but I feel each song has at least one- or two-lines other people can relate to and I feel that’s all you need plus to go along with a catchy hook”. James has released “You Changed Me” this year, a rhythmic and emotive single that adds to Richboy James’s already elaborate repertoire. A voice comparable to The Weeknd, this track is perfect for Pop and R&B enthusiasts. His vast experience in this genre is telling, this track sounds ready to hit the charts. Stand out lyrics include, “I’ve been writing songs, I’m so misunderstood…I’ve got feelings too”. The issue, sometimes, is that listeners of indie or rock approach rap without listening to the lyrics, it is the lyrics, in my opinion, that holds distinct precedence in this genre. In alternative rock in particular musicians are so occupied with creating layers of instrumentation, the lyrics can take a back seat. I would take Richboy James’s track as an exercise to listen in to the lyricism. For such a young artist, only nineteen years of age, he is producing catchy tracks that can easily fit in the current music market.

You can find Richboy James’s song “You Changed Me”, HERE

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