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Loud Art Live II

Starting as a response to the Kaiser Chief’s ‘All is Quiet’ exhibition at York Art Gallery in 2019, Loud Art Live II is the second series of collaborations between the two art forms: audible and visual arts.


We know that music and the arts have long been paired together. An example of this is how it isn’t uncommon for creative individuals to possess Synesthesia; a neurological phenomenon that allows multiple senses to work simultaneously, for example being able to hear colour or visualize sounds. Artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Kandinsky had this ability, and contemporary artists Melissa McKraken and Jack Coulter both use their synesthesia to create abstract paintings that are inspired by sounds and music. Famous songwriters to also have synesthesia include the likes of: Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Frank Ocean and Brendon Urie.


More commonly, we see music and art combined together all the time through album covers, music videos, even lyric videos are often illustrated by artists. Art does not necessarily have to represent the subject of a song and it’s lyrics, sometimes a melody can be visualized through an abstract painting; themes can crossover. Artistic interpretations can offer new, previously unthought of perspectives. Furthermore, art can be enhanced through having a track playing alongside viewing the piece. Music can bring art to life and maybe an overload of senses can be something to relish in.


This exhibition is the second series of collaborations between the two art forms. Loud Art Live allows both mediums to be viewed and heard in new contexts. Through a series of videos, you can discover a new way of viewing artworks that compliment various tracks by up and coming musical acts. The exhibition aims to evoke how we view art in the digital age. A true celebration of artists supporting artists.


One of my undergraduate lecturers once said that the artist’s intention is the least important opinion of the work, because people will form their own, individual interpretations of what it means to them. As an artist (musician or visual), initially that is a daunting disregard because of the sheer lack of control it presents. However, after some thought, it becomes the most liberating notion. So join us as we look at these works through the lens of one another.


Written by Arts Coordinator, Mia Ferullo

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